Xiaoyan Ma, PhD

Postdoc Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry

University of Cambridge, Cambridge,CB2 1GA, UK

Email: xm227@cam. a c.uk


Education and Research

Dec 2017 – present Postdoc Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry, University of   Cambridge, UK

2013-2017 PhD in Genetics, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK

College Affiliation: Downing College, University of Cambridge

Thesis: Transcription factor binding dynamics and spatial co-localization networks in   mammalian genome

2009-2013 BA in Biochemistry, Department of Life Sciences, Nanjing University


Ma, X., Ezer, D., Adryan, B. Stevens,T.J. Population and single-cell Hi-C reveal two distinct chromatin interaction networks of mammalian transcription factors. Genome Biology (IF: 14.0), 2018 Oct   25;19(1):174, doi.org/10.1186/s13059-018-1558-2

Ma, X., Ezer, D., Navarro, C. and Adryan, B., 2015. Reliable scaling of position weight matrices for binding strength comparisons between transcription factors. BMC bioinformatics, 16(1), p.265.

Chen, D., Jiang, S., Ma, X. and Li, F., 2017. TFBSbank: a platform to dissect the big data of protein–DNA interaction in human and model species. Nucleic Acids Research (IF: 11.5), 45(D1).

Scholarships and Awards

2014-2017 CSC scholarship sponsored by Chinese Scholarship Council to support my PhD study

2010-2012 Two times of First class Renming Scholarship in Nanjing University (awarded to top 5% students)

2012 Second prize of undergraduate research salon in Life Science Department, Nanjing


2008 First prize in Chinese National High School Biology Contest in Shanxi Province

2008 First prize in high school Physics Olympic Contest in Shanxi Province

Because of the above two awards, I was admitted to Nanjing University, waived of National

University Entrance Examination, 2009