Hongyan Wang, PhD

Professor, Fudan University

Email: wanghy@fudan.edu.cn

Processes: Medical Genetics

Diseases: Congenital heart disease; Neural tube defects


Dr. Hongyan Wang is Changjiang Scholar Professor, Distinguished Young Scholar and Chief Scientist of 973 Project. Dr. Wang got her Ph.D. in Mol. Genet. at Shanghai Brain Research Institute, CAS in 1999. She finished her postdoc training at U of Pennsylvania and joined Fudan U since 2007. She is Director of Institute of Reproduction & Development, professor at Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital, and PI at SKLGE. Her lab has been focusing on identifying genetic contributors and the underlying molecular mechanism of how supplemented folate preventing birth defects. With a particular emphasis on genetics analysis strategies fitting to complex disease such as neural tube defects (NTDs), she demonstrated that the genome-wide threshold of singleton lose-of-function perfectly distinguishes NTDs from controls. Her lab is also using the latest androgenetic haploid embryonic stem cells technologies as a reverse genetic screening to identify the causative mutation for congenital heart disease or NTDs. More recently, the research scope of her lab has been expanded to explore how the disrupted noncoding regions led to birth defects or other malformations. As a project leader, Dr. Wang has been granted by 973 Project, NSFC for Key Program, NSFC Outstanding Youth Fund and so on. Dr. Wang was awarded the First Prize of Ministry of Education, The Seventh Chinese Youth Female Scientist Award and others. Her representative research work was published in NEJM, Circulation, European Heart J, Cell Research and so on.