Bo Zhang, PhD

Professor at College of Life Sciences

Peking University



Bo Zhang received her B.S and PhD in cell biology from Peking University and pursued her post-doctoral training in molecular biology at Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Zurich, Switzerland. She had been a visiting scholar of University of Wisconsin, Madison as well as University of California, Los Angeles. She moved back to Peking University since 2002 and started to use zebrafish (Danio rerio) as the major animal model to study vertebrate embryogenesis and organogenesis. She has published more than 70 research paper, including Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, PLoS Biology, PNAS, etc. Her lab is interested in: (1) Genetic, cellular and molecular mechanisms of vertebrate embryogenesis and organogenesis, as well as organ regeneration, especially those related to cardiovascular system and internal organs such as pancreas. (2) Modeling human diseases in zebrafish and dissecting the underlying genetic, cellular and molecular mechanisms. (3) Functional genomics study and technology development: Genome-wide large-scale genetic screens, including enhancer trap mediated by Tol2 transposon as well as insertional mutagenesis mediated by pseudo-typed retrovirus. Recently, her group has developed a series of simple and efficient genome editing techniques in zebrafish based on engineered endonucleases (EENs), including TALENs and CRISPR/Cas system, facilitating targeted genome modifications for reverse genetics study in zebrafish. Currently, they are focusing on improving these reverse genetic approaches and expanding their applications. These methods can also be used to engineer cells or other organisms for agricultural purposes or for gene therapy. In addition to research, she is also activie in teaching. She is the leader as well as the major lecturer of the Genetics course, one of the five core curriculums for the undergraduate students of College of Life Sciences since 2005. She is also involved in writing text books, and she is one of the major editors of one of the most popular Chinese Genetics textbook published in China.